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BlakeSTI93 Prieš 4 dienas
Okay but how do any of these tips work when I get a bot lane that goes 2-20 and turbo feeds
Licht X
Licht X Prieš 8 dienų
everyones chill these days ngl
Trashmandan 123
Trashmandan 123 Prieš 16 dienų
btw PH means Philippine
Trashmandan 123
Trashmandan 123 Prieš 16 dienų
Yo Moe make a PH acc 1v1 me yas vs yas
The Exile
The Exile Prieš 18 dienų
For me the hp nerf is kind of huge . In low elo. Where when I pick yasuo. And enemy goes 3 to 4 tanks. Every game. Which is ridiculous. Irelia is weak too. Can't wait for her to get buff
ibrahim jassim
ibrahim jassim Prieš 27 dienų
The best way to get out of low elo as yasuo main is stop playing yasuo 😂
Oscar Potok
Oscar Potok Prieš 29 dienų
yoooooo am i the only one knowing where the into music is from ???? ahaha
Tobias Jung
Tobias Jung Prieš mėn
Outro Name someone?
DominykasV123 13
DominykasV123 13 Prieš mėn
Yasuo mains deserve to stay at low elo
Vĩ Hoàng
Vĩ Hoàng Prieš mėn
Isn't the first match Jhin player is the one who said "I keep it Taco is tr*sh" and then got destroyed by Yamikaze :)))) Dlg Striker i guess
김오브레전드양학채널 Prieš mėn
white g
white g Prieš mėn
Tips get good teammates who plays well and listen to calls
Kuca cz
Kuca cz Prieš mėn
yasuo is broken
raje Prieš mėn
0:15, i'm playing with 55-60 ms bro
Charlz Yvoh Baya
Charlz Yvoh Baya Prieš mėn
why every intro it says Pinoy?
Shauncy Legaspi
Shauncy Legaspi Prieš mėn
New York Moe taking over once again
ARL Prieš mėn
just win
Adam Azdhaan
Adam Azdhaan Prieš mėn
8:30 why did the rift heal
Cody Tran
Cody Tran Prieš mėn
Outro music?
Esteban Z Ríos
Esteban Z Ríos Prieš mėn
Moe hoy te ves ardiente 🔥
GalaniteBro Prieš mėn
Aside from editing I have never been disappointed by Pinoy’s taste for OSTs, Its so good as soon as I heard those vocals when Moe started running it down on Rift Herald. I immediately knew it was NIER and was really surprised that it was from the newest remaster of NIER’s “Nier Replicant.” And was really impressed at the same time because 90% of the time I’d recognize the song being used which makes it 5x better. Pokemon, NIER, Sometimes MGS series, DMC series and sometimes anime OSTs, damn, Pinoy has an impressively wide range of choice of songs. Instead of the average editor who’d slapmainstream NCS, FatRat or Tobu and call it a day. Pinoy’s the chad who doesn’t stick with the edit meta and creates his own.
Carlos Swift
Carlos Swift Prieš 19 dienų
Pinoy and Trick's editors are top tier editors
Lee DaHee
Lee DaHee Prieš mėn
What is the outro song ?
Edgardo Campos
Edgardo Campos Prieš mėn
.... now you going to get all these scrubs go 0/7 within 12 mins...
ArchOverlord Gaming
ArchOverlord Gaming Prieš mėn
Hey Moe, haven't watched your content in about 2 years, so about the same time I took a break from League. What does your computer run to play League so smoothly?
A tree in the woods.
A tree in the woods. Prieš mėn
Wait is nier music no copyright?
Λευτέρης Χατζηγαβριήλ
Λευτέρης Χατζηγαβριήλ Prieš mėn
27 ms is like a wet dream in EUNE , be happy with what you have
What's my name?
What's my name? Prieš mėn
Ok i need to start fighting renekton one tricks as a yasuo main now.
111 Elf
111 Elf Prieš mėn
Love you for the NieR Automata Outro you know what's good
xavior B
xavior B Prieš mėn
The Lord is Merciful and full Compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing LOVE that's why he become a human 2000 years ago. He become a human was to suffer and die on The cross to take the punishment for the sin of the WORLD. Your pain fell on him he was bruised for our inequities! You don't need to suffer for your sins because Christ suffered for us 2000 years ago! God so loved us He gave his only begotten Son to die for our sins, so that we don't have to suffer and perish, but who so ever believes in the Lord our God shall not perish but have eternal life.
mehran mosavi
mehran mosavi Prieš mėn
good job
Tv Muffin
Tv Muffin Prieš mėn
just buy a yasuo skin go adc with any hard cc support with cleanse and 2v8
El chapo junior
El chapo junior Prieš mėn
The best Way to get out of low elo with yasuo, is to not Play yasuo
Stargazer AMV
Stargazer AMV Prieš mėn
What's the outro song?
Apx Boni
Apx Boni Prieš mėn
oh wait moe is still uploading
Black MacBeth
Black MacBeth Prieš mėn
Does he know that you can pin those trincket tabs in the shop?
Abomination Prieš mėn
Finally coming out as a low elo player
NY Moe releasing another banger video, pog
Ryan Prieš mėn
Whats the song at the end? Edit: NieR Soundtrack - Kainé/Salvation Edit: oops, sorry it's actually Kainé Escape, they're both very similar
Sebastian Uparela
Sebastian Uparela Prieš mėn
the best you can do is play yone instead of yasuo
Indoril Nerevar
Indoril Nerevar Prieš mėn
yasuo mains are made for low elo, sorry
Mathias Gr.
Mathias Gr. Prieš mėn
Did he give up on adc to challenger?
Nightmare Asura
Nightmare Asura Prieš mėn
Ye Stupid yasuo playin aggressive even tho he is in disadvantage then blame jg Typical cancers
Luka Jovanovski
Luka Jovanovski Prieš mėn
Ngl as a diamond yas main i was bout to say the same, there is literally no matchup in the game whrre yas gets dominated from start to finish with no counterplay, only times i lose is when the jg diff is huge
King Ninja
King Ninja Prieš mėn
When moe got out of tower range after 2k with minions the stars were aligning 7:50
Connor Yancy
Connor Yancy Prieš mėn
Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven
Cahns Prieš mėn
dont play yasuo play kalista kaisa ekko kayn
Isam Al Zareer
Isam Al Zareer Prieš mėn
Zachary Mohamed
Zachary Mohamed Prieš mėn
7:37 Jinx: Guys stop pinging for attention just play :) Also Jinx: dies and spam pings Morgana
Christian Lucero
Christian Lucero Prieš mėn
League players in general lmao
Mohamed Ali sahnoun
Mohamed Ali sahnoun Prieš mėn
Nice tips moe u land 0 xD
쿠리노아키토 Prieš mėn
3:48 lol the emote placement
Anthony Casillas
Anthony Casillas Prieš mėn
Easy.. Don't play Yasuo
kingster652 Prieš mėn
27 ping and still missing your Q
evilbuster Prieš mėn
:/ why is pyke e a projectile and windwallable? and why is annie w not windwallable?
Ben Kaiser
Ben Kaiser Prieš mėn
moe you are one wholsesome guy
Houda Alnajar
Houda Alnajar Prieš mėn
Does moe fast for Ramadan?
Sam Pepper
Sam Pepper Prieš mėn
why does mellow not live with LA moe?
DiNkA FF Prieš mėn
I am playing 200ms I am in silver now
Urke Prieš mėn
anybody know the name of the outro song?
Myron Zhao
Myron Zhao Prieš mėn
How to be good? Git gud
Kim Jong Deux
Kim Jong Deux Prieš mėn
you stop playing yasuo
PeeTriix Prieš mėn
that kaine escape at the end
itz_mattqsg Prieš mėn
More shantae music pinoy! :)
Yiyang Zhou
Yiyang Zhou Prieš mėn
Reach 0/10 powerdspike :v
Detri Tus
Detri Tus Prieš mėn
Phlmn Rbn
Phlmn Rbn Prieš mėn
I mean being up in cs vs pyke is not really an achievement even when you are behind. This champ sucks at farming.
TheWanderer Prieš mėn
Moe looking like Ken Block in that thumbnail ;)
s z k
s z k Prieš mėn
What about yasuo adc? Any good tips on that?
SYLNTKLR Prieš mėn
Giving tips but his team lost rivals because of his shotcalling 😂🥱
Yanfei Prieš mėn
Biggest tip to get out of low elo as Yasuo is to stop playing him
JJ Powell
JJ Powell Prieš mėn
in pro guides channel they said hes OP haha
amirhosein izadjou
amirhosein izadjou Prieš mėn
What's the music in the last 3 minutes?
Bonkey Prieš mėn
My man is happy about 27 ping I have 11 ping here in the Netherlands 😜
Bonkey Prieš mėn
@Alexander 😂 gekke glasvezel hebben wij hier ik zit in het hoge noorden dus ja verder weg van de servers
Alexander Prieš mėn
pathetic. i have 8 ping in noord-holland
Raiton Ookami
Raiton Ookami Prieš mėn
i mean tbf irelia even when inting is just so bonkers broken that it dosent really matter
Kapios Kapios
Kapios Kapios Prieš mėn
6:11 moe being nuguri
Rajeev Choudhari
Rajeev Choudhari Prieš mėn
pinoy pls include more of moe inting its my fav parts of his vids ;p
Basim El Essawi
Basim El Essawi Prieš mėn
Anyone know what the outro music was?
wwhj ¡
wwhj ¡ Prieš mėn
✨just don’t play yasuo✨
Sharvan Ramana
Sharvan Ramana Prieš mėn
i miss la moe
Jose Rocha
Jose Rocha Prieš mėn
Getting permaganked level 3 gang 😀
Red Potato
Red Potato Prieš mėn
It's actually so weird to see Moe acting like a normal human being...
B1ackeN Prieš mėn
lux is such an underrated champ.
100 FURY
100 FURY Prieš mėn
Oh god no, now i need to ban yasuo incase my team watched this video
fagar harshadeh
fagar harshadeh Prieš mėn
step 1 - dont play yasuo step 2 - find stupid players who play yasuo and get free wins step 3 - dodge if someone from your team pick yasuo top
Kirigakanami Prieš mėn
He buy faker's keybaord?
khatibul Azizy Alfairuz
khatibul Azizy Alfairuz Prieš mėn
i swear Xin Zao is the most broken camp to fight 1v1
Sedilla John Rasco
Sedilla John Rasco Prieš mėn
I mained Yasuo for 3 years now and Im still on Plat Elo... Hard to be on diamond nowadays
Herman Lagon
Herman Lagon Prieš mėn
Meanwhile there are kids out here on my country who are bronze/silver players who have like 500k points on yasuo
niv rr tak r
niv rr tak r Prieš mėn
you ok dude?
you ok dude? Prieš mėn
In conclusion: dont use yasuo in ranked matches
rysu Prieš mėn
Why is Moe's mic so bad on this vid? It's usually not like this
William Lagesse
William Lagesse Prieš mėn
bro alicopter was right on the dracon call , you have to big ego
Martmed Prieš mėn
just dont play yasuo , thats how
azzouz raed
azzouz raed Prieš mėn
moe next time arabic plz i love your arabic so much man
Juan Luis Mendoza Carpio
Juan Luis Mendoza Carpio Prieš mėn
The tip is: Don´t play Yasuo
Bruno Zarate
Bruno Zarate Prieš mėn
i really like New york Mo more, a lot calmer, thinks before he acts and he aint that loud and dumb, analizes the game better and overall a better version of Mo.
Perry Wallace
Perry Wallace Prieš mėn
I got kinda worried recently because he seems sad but im not sure, just wanna know if he is not doing okay or if he’s just chill ;(
Fear Prieš mėn
Moe complaining about 27ms? meanwhile here 70ms is like heaven to me
________________________________ Prieš mėn
Mine 90 is the best ms but almost every game its like 119 ms and just fine 😅
ZetaJayzoin Prieš mėn
@𝓇𝑒𝒻𝓁𝒶𝒾 Hey im a yas Main and figured it out after just half an hour >:(
𝓇𝑒𝒻𝓁𝒶𝒾 Prieš mėn
@Cam Pham yasuo main hes a bit slow lol
Cam Pham
Cam Pham Prieš mėn
he wasnt complaining. he was saying how he would love to have 27ms in LA (cus in LA he gets around 70)
FrostyDevils Prieš mėn
The problem with low elo yasuo players is their mental, they are often soo toxic.
TheRolemodel1337 Prieš mėn
8:18 cut the tape!
Random avg human
Random avg human Prieš mėn
Stop making yasuo guides... people watch your guide and int in my matches thinking they can solo carry but they end up solo carrying enemy team by giving them free gold.
Leeroj Prieš mėn
Is this tip also applicable for Wild Rift?
Crystalz Roblox
Crystalz Roblox Prieš mėn
Simple tip, dont watch moe
How To Climb Out Of Low Elo With Yasuo
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