Yassuo | SPEEDRUNNING BACK TO MASTERS! [ADC to Challenger Part 26]

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SadBanana Prieš 26 dienų
did he quit it lmao
freb Prieš 28 dienų
How many yassuo games it was right there???
Ꭱite Prieš mėn
Your Hyness
Your Hyness Prieš mėn
The thumbnail! 🤣😂😂
kiss rihard
kiss rihard Prieš mėn
Adc to challenger but most of games are with yasuo, boring series if he climb with yasuo 😒
John Lü
John Lü Prieš mėn
pinoy being nice toda
Melih Boyraz METİN2
Melih Boyraz METİN2 Prieš mėn
do you turkish__? pinoy
spencdaddy faulkner
spencdaddy faulkner Prieš mėn
Yes op late game now
Jonathan Hendricks
Jonathan Hendricks Prieš mėn
what is this thumbnail lmao
Zanne Baritugo
Zanne Baritugo Prieš mėn
First time seeing that tornado at @2:45
Walter Wikeepa
Walter Wikeepa Prieš mėn
I wonder if his Yasuo vs my fizz would I win
Salimboo Prieš mėn
The fnf outro, respect Pinoy
Kasminator Prieš mėn
8:42 i like how he just put some haloween music over hes gameplay lmao
LegendBoy Playz
LegendBoy Playz Prieš mėn
hey broh ...are u fasting
David Lauinger
David Lauinger Prieš mėn
6:20, love when he goes from 2/1 to 4/7 lol
deAd Prieš mėn
HE still trading flashes ??
Nohzat Mohammed
Nohzat Mohammed Prieš mėn
Why everyone was re-subscribing ?!
Ahmed Essam
Ahmed Essam Prieš mėn
Ramdan karem
Deivi d
Deivi d Prieš mėn
Hammude wtf are u donig
JayceIV Prieš mėn
what's the music called Pinoy used for the ending?
T reX
T reX Prieš mėn
Love the thumbnail, Pinoy had to edit your face on a mans body
Sasu Prieš mėn
came from lars
nimrod films
nimrod films Prieš mėn
am i the only one that noticed the bull shittery that is that yasuo nado at 2:45 ?
NitaiBlends Prieš mėn
wahts funny is that all games he had more then like 7 deaths lol
Gordon Hewer
Gordon Hewer Prieš mėn
Moe you dick ♡♡ play support from Iron 4 to Gm. I don't think you could make it to Challenger.
Lolek Lolkowski
Lolek Lolkowski Prieš mėn
so inting really is a yasuo main thing, every time, even if he carries 1v9 he has to have over 6 deaths XD
Cold Dino
Cold Dino Prieš mėn
props to pinoy XDDD
mohamed ashraf
mohamed ashraf Prieš mėn
Pinoy the best I swear
Egzegiac Prieš mėn
yooo pinoy great editing!!!
Mephistopheles Prieš mėn
8:40 hell nah. moe's shotcall is just too inconsistent. its holding them back. your friends are challenger man they know how to play xd
Yamzie Moyo
Yamzie Moyo Prieš mėn
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher Prieš mėn
at 9:12 he has 15 affects just above his abilities
Genisyys _
Genisyys _ Prieš mėn
Double DBlade is pointless now, DBlades dont stack anymore
Moataz Mohamed
Moataz Mohamed Prieš mėn
this word on your shirt is typed so wrong , it's like you type soul word ( asoul ) for no reason :]
Matej Prieš mėn
Mo simping with poki clothing
What was that Q on 2:46? Is that possible?
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Prieš mėn
When u ult with yasuo the q gets moved with him if timed right. That is why u see yasuo players e q before ulting so the q can get moved to hit the airborne player. U can do it without the e q and just with a q or even a tornado but the time and hit box is so short and small that it’s always better to e q then ult or just ult instantly if u need the passive shield fast.
Razco Prieš mėn
I find the background music a bit too loud tbh
Miro Válek
Miro Válek Prieš mėn
Me at my promos to diamond 2 My teammates: 3:30
František J. Babuljak
František J. Babuljak Prieš mėn
Pinoy is so funny I love him.
Motiejus Povilaitis
Motiejus Povilaitis Prieš mėn
I love Pinoy
markau, Prieš mėn
Thumbnail is unrealistic, moe is 800 pounds irl. Smh
Frederik Kristensen
Frederik Kristensen Prieš mėn
Pinoy is god
Bitch Prieš mėn
Yo Pinoy love the content can you add lp gains please :D
adi saputro
adi saputro Prieš mėn
It's Ramadan moe have a good day
Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump Prieš mėn
Pinoy is just the best League editor
Logan B
Logan B Prieš mėn
8:35 the chat speaks facts tho
Artjom V
Artjom V Prieš mėn
Miss the meme edits
WarmMafura Prieš mėn
8:40 savage
LegalPJ Prieš mėn
6:15 "Tank it" LMAO
Márcio Varela
Márcio Varela Prieš mėn
😂 😂 😂 The beginning...
dlwlrma Prieš mėn
Thumbs up for Pinoy
Terence Prieš mėn
CLG bout to hire moe
JUST SMILE Prieš mėn
0:30 yasuo main be like :
Khawaja Fahad Ahmed
Khawaja Fahad Ahmed Prieš mėn
0:09 made my day xD damn pinoy
rsbenjr Prieš mėn
6:18. We know what happens after the clip cuts KEK
Aravind G
Aravind G Prieš mėn
outro song name?
Basel Mohamed
Basel Mohamed Prieš mėn
What a clickbait I came here to a physique not an inter gragas
DeAtH Prieš mėn
Pinoy is so great man
nick reinert
nick reinert Prieš mėn
legend has it the thumbnail isn't photoshopped
lACKARD اكارد
lACKARD اكارد Prieš mėn
dude pinoy music on the video is so sad
Roney Sis
Roney Sis Prieš mėn
Moe : more bodyhairs than a Gorilla Thumbnail : No
Roney Sis
Roney Sis Prieš mėn
Pinoy did Moe Dirty in the Intro he did him too huge, shame
Roney Sis
Roney Sis Prieš mėn
Wait Moe still thinks he’s tall ?
Pro Danny
Pro Danny Prieš mėn
BumatayTrick Prieš mėn
pinoy you need to stop doing this 0:09 ROLF AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH I CANT BREATH
ultra instinct ZED
ultra instinct ZED Prieš mėn
for a second i thought was a stylish video lol
Percing Prieš mėn
outro song?
gaba dv
gaba dv Prieš mėn
pinoy is a goat
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Prieš mėn
Felipe Castillo
Felipe Castillo Prieš mėn
Fkin love Pinoy
george gkagka
george gkagka Prieš mėn
The thumbnail is the definition of cap
Bo Gunnarsson
Bo Gunnarsson Prieš mėn
Can someone tell me the BGM?
Withered Locust
Withered Locust Prieš mėn
B-ryce Prieš mėn
Almost thought the thumbnail was real Moe
Ye33in H
Ye33in H Prieš mėn
Where can i get his hoodie
Tyler Hill
Tyler Hill Prieš mėn
Are we not going to talk about the mans camel toe in the intro?
Arsh Lasher
Arsh Lasher Prieš mėn
Gragas true mvp
trey nguyen
trey nguyen Prieš mėn
0:43 teach me
Filip Cvetanovski
Filip Cvetanovski Prieš mėn
you should make a full game play channel no cap on a stack (ok that was cringe)
UmbralBushido Prieš mėn
Moe's gotten really short tempered ever since mellow left
Dutch Lightskin
Dutch Lightskin Prieš mėn
@Sir G.Rant shilling in nyc with his parents
Sir G.Rant
Sir G.Rant Prieš mėn
wait what happened to mellow
Alexander Holtmeier
Alexander Holtmeier Prieš mėn
Wait..yassuo is that thumbnail unedited?
DONEBAA Prieš mėn
That thumbnail is too sus man.. he prolly shouldve just stuck ur head to a bear Idk feel suitable
flamelibra Prieš mėn
lol moe made Pinoy edit out all his bodyhair in the thumbnail
Raidah Prieš mėn
@Batır what u good bro
Batır Prieš mėn
@Raidah u're a buzzkill
Raidah Prieš mėn
Bro.... That ain't moe
matt cosens
matt cosens Prieš mėn
Love how in the first game you was playing up against Jamaican banana the best Ivan player but wasn't doing so well in that game
Seven Aries
Seven Aries Prieš mėn
Damn, the photoshop skill in the thumbnail
joao pereira
joao pereira Prieš mėn
2:45 wait... im the only one who saw that... if you q right before you ult on yasuo, ur q like... teleports to your ult location... what... was that always in the game???
joao pereira
joao pereira Prieš mėn
@Crocodileisdumb 14 ya i know, but thats not an airblade! Cus i think that ann air blade is when you e and then q and then ult... not just q and ult. But i dont know, maybe im wrong...
Crocodileisdumb 14
Crocodileisdumb 14 Prieš mėn
Air blade it’s a combo it has been for a long time
Michael Mosback
Michael Mosback Prieš mėn
So what adc does he play? Cause yasuo is not an adc
Michael Mosback
Michael Mosback Prieš mėn
O ok I see half way through
Issa Dumlao
Issa Dumlao Prieš mėn
Pinoy at it again with thumbnail, but we all know his more chubby than that
xd FT
xd FT Prieš mėn
Moe i know u rly aren't good at arapic but that blue hoody is kinda cringe ... sry bro love ur vids tho
The Sheppard
The Sheppard Prieš mėn
do you pay tyler 1 some of your monetization for copying his series to the T?
Kyosaga TV
Kyosaga TV Prieš mėn
The clickbait actually fits Moehamed!! Wtf!! 🤣❤
Vilius Vil
Vilius Vil Prieš mėn
0:06 damm bro nice editing, you made him look taller and more thin, i see the slighy wall diff, ur not so sneaky
Youssef Mohamed Youssef
Youssef Mohamed Youssef Prieš mėn
بحبك ومتابعك من مصر
Firo lol
Firo lol Prieš mėn
The first Clip mid lmao
marcel del angel
marcel del angel Prieš mėn
The intro just killed me
Sh4dow Fight3r
Sh4dow Fight3r Prieš mėn
2:45 what is this nado
Josiah Tavares
Josiah Tavares Prieš mėn
Is malphite a thing again? In nearly all the clips there was a malphite
Lazar Petkovic
Lazar Petkovic Prieš mėn
It's the question playing through my head the whole video
Fedi Hamdi
Fedi Hamdi Prieš mėn
0:10 i'm dying over here hahahaha
Philip Lee
Philip Lee Prieš mėn
Moe : gets 2 kills Also Moe : LemMe gEt tHe PeNta mAn!
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